It happens quite often, that a person dies overseas, but his last wish is that his ashes be committed to his native land. In such cases, the body of the deceased is cremated in Ukraine, and then the urn with ashes is being transported abroad. This procedure requires the paperwork processing and the specialists of the funeral home “Skorbota” will help you with this. We are ready to take care of the urn transfer arrangements around the world. Our experts know all the legal aspects, so they will organize everything as quickly and easily as possible. The price of the urn transportation may vary in each case.

What kind of transport can be used?

The transportation of the cremated remains is allowed by any means: personal car, bus, plane, train or by sea. Take a note that every airline has different rules and regulations regarding transporting cremated ashes. It is important to note that some airlines do not allow cremated ashes in carry-on bags, only in luggage compartment.  That’s why, check with the airline before buying the tickets regarding their rules and regulations on traveling with urn.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our consultants by phone. Phone numbers are listed on the website.