The funeral home “Skorbota” will ease you of the care of arranging the transportation of the body around the city, within Ukraine and even to the neighboring countries. Our experts will draw all the necessary documents up efficiently and in a timely manner, so there won’t any delay. Our own fleet of hearses equipped for these needs, will assure the adequate level of comfort. Our vehicles can be used not only to carry a casket but also have seats for the family members.

Human remains transportation in Ukraine and the CIS

The arrangement of body transportation in Ukraine and the CIS includes the next stages:

  • execution of corresponding documents;
  • selection of vehicles;
  • transportation of the body.

For the body transportation within Ukraine, it’s enough to have a death certificate from a medical facility and from a registry office.

Usually, the minibuses are used for the long-distance transportation, which have enough space for a coffin and some accompanying persons. They are converted to the funeral transport, installing special locks for the coffin inside. It is very important to create the proper conditions for the preservation of the body. The interior of the car intended for transportation of the body must conform to the health and safety regulations, so it must have the possibility to control the temperature range. After each transfer, the vehicle must be cleaned and disinfected but only using the eco-friendly products.

If some people from the same location are planning to attend the burial in another city, there is reason to rent a special passenger bus. It is also a good option for the cemetery trip for the burial ceremony within the same location.

Transporting the body to the cemetery

One of the service options is a solid car for paying your last respect. For this purpose, it is usually used a hearse, which is built to carry a casket and some accompanies to the cemetery. There are no reasons to turn such comfortable vehicle down – everyone deserves to have the final journey with honors.

The funeral home “Skorbota” has its own fleet of high-class hearses. There are always at your disposal the luxury cars such as “Kreisler”, “Cadillac” and “Lincoln”.