The funeral home “Skorbota” is one of the few companies in Ukraine that provides professional repatriation services of the dead bodies. Our agents know all the regulations of the repatriation procedure of all countries where or from what the body is transported.

We will take responsibility for:

  • collection of necessary documentation and certificates of all authorities, processing of customs clearance documents when sending the body abroad, obtaining body import permit from the embassy of the country of destination;
  • translation services for official documents, obtaining apostille stamps (if necessary);
  • preparing the body of the deceased for transportation and following viewing;
  • sanitary-hygienic treatment, arterial embalming, applying of makeup, dressing the deceased;
  • provision of a zinc lined wooden coffin with wooden container conforming to international shipping regulations;
  • sealing the repatriation coffin and installing the metal lining;
  • cargo delivery to the airport or railway station, control of the loading process;
  • transportation of the deceased by road, air or rail;
  • working out a transportation itinerary, coordination with the transport companies, the consular agency of the country of destination, arrangement of the reception of cargo “200” in the city of destination.