Hearse is a special vehicle equipped for comfortable transportation of a dead in a coffin to the cemetery. It is indispensable – other cars are not adapted to accommodate a coffin. The hearse is used to transport the coffin with the body of the deceased for the pre-arranged itinerary: to the chapel of rest for the farewell ceremony, and then to the cemetery.

Hearse Transportation by the Funeral Home “Skorota”

At funeral home “Skorbota” we have our own fleet of funeral transport. For casket transportation, we use premium cars: Cadillac, Chrysler and Lincoln. They meet the highest requirements of the funeral transport, and they are in perfect technical condition, equipped with all the things needed. In the driver’s seat you will find an experienced and careful carman. He will deliver the coffin with body and the accompanying people according to the itinerary, and will wait for the end of the ceremony to drive the passengers to the memorial service

Types of Hearses

Here are actually two distinct types of funeral cars with the same hearse function: a specially equipped passenger car or minivan. The minibus is a budget choice, while the car is a premium one. The cost depends on the class of the car. It is calculated individually, as it based on the payment by hour for the car rental and the cost of driver services.

It is also necessary to arrange the passenger transport for people who want to pay their last tribute to the deceased. For this, many families traditionally use the common minivans and luxury passenger buses. Passenger funeral transport is decorated in accordance with its purpose.

For further details about our terms of funeral transport rental please contact us and our specialists will answer all your questions.