Going to the funeral home “Skorbota”, you can pay your respects to a dear person without stress and additional moral tension. And at the same time, you will be sure that the ceremony will be held at the highest level, it will be honorable and touching.

Our specialists will take care of all the funeral arrangements on a turnkey basis. An experienced consultant will be in touch with you day and night and assist you with the selection of funeral accessories, find the best cemetery right to your requests, a well-sited viewing and dining rooms for the visitation and the memorial meal. He will arrange the waiting, transportation, paperwork, and other things.

What Do You Need to Arrange a Funeral?

To arrange a funeral, you must:

  • gather a package of required documents;
  • purchase all necessary funeral products;
  • find a place for burial;
  • arrange a visitation ceremony;
  • organize a burial ceremony;
  • arrange a memorial meal.

It is essential to arrange everything as soon as possible. The funeral must be held on the third day after death occured according to the Christian tradition. So you can leave all the preparations in hands of the professional funeral agents.