A growing number of Ukrainians prefers the cremation ceremony. However, this is not a novation of the modern world – initially it was cremation as the first and only burial practice, and now this tradition just revives.

How the Funeral Home Can Help with Cremation Arrangement?

The funeral home “Skorbota” will arrange a cremation, getting all the details under our control. In particular, the procedure includes such actions and services:

  • transfer arrangements (hearse, passenger bus for the mourners);
  • search and rental of the hall for the farewell ceremony;
  • background music (funeral orchestra);
  • body preservation and embalming;
  • selection of a cremation coffin;
  • urn selection for ashes;
  • cremation;
  • funeral service rituals.

The cost of the cremation arrangement by the funeral home “Skorbota” is affordable. Everything will be hold at the highest level – you will pay your last respects to your dear person with dignity and love. Our funeral agent will provide more details about the cremation during the consultation.

How Does Cremation Work?

During the cremation, the body is burned in a special closed furnace. In all cases, the body is placed in the coffin as a sight of respect to the deceased person. The cremation coffin must be made from fully combustible materials.

After cremation there are human remains – ashes, in the form of a white powder. Cremation ashes are usually stored in cremation urns. During the cremation, organic substances are destroyed, so the ashes are absolutely safe and cannot produce any infection. That is why, some people decide not to bury the urn, but to scatter the ashes or keep them at home – this is not prohibited, since there is no risk to the health.

The average amount of ash left over after the cremation of an adult is 1 to 2 liters. This is why the urns are so compact in size. After the ceremony, the relatives of the deceased person receive the urn with ashes and they can ride herd on it. In most cases, the urns are buried in a plot of cemetery or the ashes are scattered in a special place for the deceased.

Some people also choose to have a visitation before the cremation. There is a chapel of rest in the Kyiv crematorium, with special place for a coffin and for the mourners who can rest and spend time with their loved ones in peace.