The specialists of the funeral home”Skorbota” will help you to find the optimal burial place, they will take all the work on – firstly they find out your requests (approximate location and financial possibilities) and then present all the ready options, matching your wishes.

What factors should be considered when selecting a burial location?

Choosing a grave site, it’s necessary to go by the next factors:

  • convenient positioning, so family members can visit the burial place of the deceased more often;
  • burial cost;
  • cemetery grade – the oldest cemeteries with a rich history are preferred for the prominent people.

Each cemetery has its own burial requirements. And the deciding factor for the family members is the financial one. But it is also necessary to take a note of other considerations: what kind of the infrastructure and landscape plan is there.

However hard to think about it, but you need to plan ahead if you want to be buried next to the departed. In this case, you should look for a place for family burial. If you want to arrange a funeral in the crypt, it greatly reduces the number of the options you have.

There are no new cemeteries in Kyiv, and present ones are of high-status, since each of them has its own history. That is why, there is a reason to think about the purchase of a grave space outside the city limits, in the nearest locations, but well placed for public transport.